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Assam-based IT company TechVariable has introduced their new service – Blockchain consulting and implementation. With this service, they would not only help organisations to seek the benefits of this technology, but also develop Blockchain and its prototype.
“TechVariable Introduces All New Consulting and Implementation Services of the Blockchain Technology”


26 March 2018, Guwahati: TechVariable, a reliable IT company, has announced the introduction of new services of consulting and implementation of Blockchain technology. Along with delivering IT services, the company has introduced this new technology in their portfolio; seeking to harness the possibilities of Blockchain in India.

Headed by the company officials, TechVariable released the details of their new solution.

Providing an overview, the CEO of this company said, “We have started two new services catering to Blockchain; these will be consulting and implementation. Organisations can get to know how this technology can impact their businesses and also those looking to develop one for them can contact us.”

Seeing the favourable market of Blockchain and how it is slowly becoming one of the most in-demand technologies in India, TechVariable has undertaken this initiative.

The CEO further explained the types of services they would deliver to their clients. TechVariable’s foremost consulting service will assist companies in validating whether implementing Blockchain will bear the fruit for them or not. The company would also showcase organizations the benefits of evaluating Blockchain transactions against contemporary ones.

Besides all these, this IT Company would also help their clients in choosing from the various Blockchain technology types available at their disposal. TechVariable would assist clients with cryptocurrency token sale and the preparation of white paper in addition to other documents.

Designing and development of Blockchain will fall under the company’s implementation service for this technology. In addition, they will also develop Blockchain prototype for exhibiting its functions to their clients.

According to the Company Head, TechVariable would also take part in providing the organisations with the proof of smart contracts in this technology. Ensuring that smart contracts have undergone their full development before deployment will take top position in their list of priorities.

The company has recruited a team of experts who, with their proficiency, would aim towards the growth and development of client’s organization. To ensure this, these team members would conduct a thorough and consistent research to benefit clients more with this technology.

Furthermore, they will supply their clients with all third party integrations along with this technology. They would also be implementing this technology to all mobile and web interfaces.

The CEO said, “When it comes to added benefits, TechVariable will make sure our clients receive all of it.”

Adhering to the company’s policy and ethics, thorough testing of all services before deployment will stand as one of their prime criteria to ensure that everything works accordingly.


About the company

Founded in 2015, TechVariable is an IT company focusing on Blockchain consulting and implementation. In addition, the company also delivers other development services in software, web application, portals, re-engineering, maintenance and support. They also hold expertise in the fields of CRM/ERP, e-business, e-campus, e-hospital, and management solutions.