The Team

Root of the tree

He is the spine, holds the team together. A dynamic and outgoing personality, he has strong persuasive skills along with being an excellent marketeer.

Technical Wiki guy

The guidance bank for all the Technical Woes, he comes up with instant solutions. The team looks up to him for advice. A man of few words and while he is not ‘coding’ he reads and admires nature's serenity.

Operations Chief

He talks in numbers ! He is assigned with a number of management roles- takes care of remunerations, sanctions leaves, handles sales so on and so forth.

Marketing Chief

He handles the exterior affairs of the company. Smart-worker, Determined and readily reachable for administrative support.


He is quite efficient in what he does. Understands deadline and works accordingly. He is a big time foodie, our in-house Zomato.

Customer Friendly Techie

He is well-equipped with all attributes to qualify as the customer support- calm, understanding and communicates well to give instant assistance

Creative Lad

Soft-spoken, social, always serious, hardworking and lives for Art and Design.

Mr. Fixit- Support Guy

The troubleshooter for customer complications.

Jack of all Trades

A soft-spoken and diligent person. Excellent team player. Word-stock to codes, he has clarity in what he does. Crawls(on the keyboard) during the night.

The Neophyte

He joined to taste the corporate wine and now he is more native than anyone. He learns new ideas and technologies which is implemented as and when necessary.

Cool guy

He is the coolest of the bunch. The guy knows his stuff. An animal lover and sports enthusiast.


The happy go lucky guy, meets everyone with a smile. Sincerity at its best. He is the go to guy when someone needs suggestions for tech and design.

Talkative Techie

He is the most talkative among the lot. Hardworking and completely in for challenges to improve himself.


The non-technical moon amidst the stars.


He loves to get to the bottom of things. Learning about new stuff fascinates him. Core believer of transition from means to ends.

The tea-lover

Works sincerely, socializes, actively and participates in official choirs.