Renovating the OpenSource


Open source technologies are revolutionizing the IT scenario with a range of organizations opting to adopt it slowly, but surely keeping in mind its cost-effectiveness. Software companies are doing their bit to contribute as they also foresee the future shifting towards it. Open source technologies are assisting businesses in reducing the IT operating costs and improving performance of their IT assets. Reduction in operating costs and optimum utilization of resources are some of the important advantages. At TechVariable, we strongly believe that Open source technology is the best possible thing to have occurred for the IT industry as it is easy to manage and control the software being developed.

At TechVariable, we have a team of developers having in-depth knowledge and acumen in developing and deploying applications, primarily built using open source technologies. In fact, we are proficient in development, implementation, consultation and technical support services for a vast range of open source technologies. We deal in ERPand CMS solutions based on state of the art open source technologies. Some of our open source offerings include:

Blueprint designing and consultations– Out of the many available opensource technologies, we assist and recommend clients on the best to choose for his or her business.

Application Development – We perform migration to newer technologies or developing new ones

Maintenance – We offer all necessary support services and upgrades including but not limited to bug-fixes or UI/UX changes