Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

We deploy an effective way for software development which makes use of technologies, processes and tools specially customized for the need of each of our clients. Our Offshore Development Center is located in India, in 2 cities, namely Guwahati and Bangalore, completely managed by our company. We primarily provide software development services in our Offshore Development Center but we are open to other services as well which are listed in our services section for our offshore clients.

Why Should You Work With Our Offshore Development Center?

Customization and System Understanding

Our Offshore Development Center works according to the needs of our clients and we customize all the aspects of software development while keeping the product quality at topmost priority. Being a top-notch offshore software development company, our Offshore Development Center ensures the improvement of our clients’ bottom-line in a precise manner as our team has full expertise to create a perfect synergy between their technical as well as business skills. Our team understands what needs to be done precisely for our clients.


We make sure that all the information provided by our clients remains within the center itself even if the person allocated switches to other company. We are always open to sign official contracts with Non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We take complete responsibility towards the completion of our client’s work as promised with end results that exceed or meet the needs of our clients.


Our teams in the Offshore Development Center understands the importance of deadlines of software development and so, they always stick to the defined deadline. We make sure that our clients are not left behind their industry competitors by completing the development tasks on time. Our company policy has good flexibility towards the allocation of resources for projects which needs more attention and effort.

Competitive Cost

The costs of developing your software in our Offshore Development Center is quite less as compared to our competitors which helps our clients to allocate the extra budget for the other aspect of their business such as marketing etc.

Quality Resources

The resources allocated by us including team members, technologies, tools etc. are top-notch in quality to ensure a perfect environment and company culture to complete our clients’ software development projects with best quality of work. We never compromise or work around with low quality resources.

Strong Communication

We are always there to communicate with our clients as needed and we keep the communication crystal clear and transparent to ensure that we never lose time because of any miscommunication.

What are the Industries We Mostly Focus In?

There are certain industries we have best expertise till now but we can get our hands on any industry you might need us for.


Our Offshore Development Center professionals are expert in developing software around EHR, EMR, Interoperability, hospital information system

Manufacturing industry

We have expertise in developing software for Supply chain management, ERP system,  Product lifecycle management, sales and inventory, Dealer management (part management) etc.