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Product Manager

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Experience - 3+ years | Positions - 1 | CTC - Best in Industry
About TechVariable

TechVariable is a Tech Consulting company with end to end product development services utilising experience in Design, Data and Deep Tech. Combining design experience and innovation-led engineering for modern businesses.

We help customers innovate and create the best digital products suited for tomorrow by providing superior-tech consulting and IT services for their business success, all the while being fulfilled every day.

Our clients benefit by getting to work with our top-rated global talents to work alongside their core teams while aligning with their goals to engineer at speed. Our proven framework for success built and improved over the years brings together and aligns people, process, technology and design to improve engineering and increase business value.

Product Manager Job Description

Looking for an opportunity in a product management career?

Join us for our product manager role, who will formulate result-oriented strategies and product roadmaps for our global clients. Ensure maximize profitability and make a great social impact to remain competitive.

Explore more for the job requirements of a product manager here.

Product Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • Defines the product vision, strategy and roadmap.
  • Gathers manages and prioritizes market/customer requirements.
  • Acts as the customer advocate articulating the user’s and/or buyer’s needs.
  • Works closely with all stakeholders (engineering, sales, marketing, and support) to ensure business case and customer satisfaction goals are met, for either TechVariable or its clients.
  • Create an excellent Product Requirement Document.
  • Run beta and pilot programs during the qualification phase with final products and samples.
  • In Agile environments regularly reviews completed work and checks with customers to ensure that it meets the customer expectations.
  • Do systematic market research and competitive analysis to understand the reasons customers purchase products. This includes a deep understanding of the competition, and how customers think of and buy your product.
  • Develops the business cases for new products, improvements to existing products, and business ventures.
  • Develops positioning for the product (for TechVariable or its clients).
  • Recommends or contributes information in setting product pricing.
  • Create excellent presentations using white papers, case studies, product comparisons, competitor analysis, and user stories.
  • Create clear and succinct Excel spreadsheets to document the data used above.
  • Creating proposals for any new product development to be done by TechVariable for its prospective clients.
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TechVariable’s Talent Incubator Program

Talent Incubator Program is a TechVariable sponsored learning and development program that hires top engineering students to train and upskill them as future employees for TechVariable.

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Employee reviews

TechVariable has been my longest-serving company by far and each passing day here brings me a new set of challenges to learn from and grow. Also, being recognized for all the contributions and efforts put in makes my work rewarding.


Programmer Analyst, TechVariable

The work environment at TechVariable is amazing and everyone is so friendly to each other. Being recognized for the hard efforts is one of the prime reasons where TechVariable stands out above all other employee benefits. I and the team members shared a very deep bond so it was very exciting to come to the office every day and complete the entrusted tasks.


Ex Programmer Analyst, TechVariable

Technology has fascinated me from the very beginning and that’s the most interesting thing about my job. One thing I love about TechVariable is that it's not the people or the place alone, it's the combination of the two that makes it great. Separate the two and you might not feel the magic.


Ex Programmer Analyst, TechVariable

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