Every company has some kind of IT requirement- be it software development or hardware procurement and installation. A very important decision that stakeholders have to make is whether or not to outsource its software development requirements. The reason behind this being a very tricky proposition to decide upon is that there have been multiple cases of failed projects which have been outsourced to a third-party. Failures can be pointed to a variety of factors to be discussed later on in the piece.

But one thing is for sure, one can despise it or love it, outsourcing in business activities has been omnipresent for a long time now- be it calling electricians to fix our air-conditioners or outsourcing the printing activities for the purpose of branding. Likewise, outsourcing software development projects, specially to the third-world countries is not a new concept.

Let’s dwell on the important advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing development projects:

Having considered the above factors, in some of the cases, outsourcing a software development project may not at all be necessary. If there is an experienced person in the technological front within the company, then recruiting eligible and JD-fit candidates may be a viable option. However, this will again depend upon the tech personnel’s will as well as capability of controlling everything and if that personnel is a co-founder, it can be a very dangerous territory to venture into. If the budget constraints can be addressed, outsourcing can be an obvious mode of operation.

Some of the important things to consider while outsourcing a software development project to a company are as mentioned below:


TechVariable has been involved in multiple offshore development projects for the past 3 years in the dedicated development center methodology. We have had projects which have been helmed by industry experts in the technological front from the client end, who could have easily recruited eligible talents as per the requirement; but instead they opted to outsource so as to get their work done in a collaborative atmosphere. A company like us, which has a tried and tested development methodology then came into the picture with its milestone-based delivery model, enabling the client to focus on improving their core business model.

Thus, outsourcing a software development project is not really a hard nut to crack if done wisely and in a planned manner. What it really requires is a client who knows what he needs and a software company which embraces the product development as its own.

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