A) Business intelligence reporting and visualization
B) 360 Degree customer overview and predictive as well as prescriptive business insights
C) Support your strategic vision with KPIs and performance scoreboard

Omnichannel Business Intelligence (BI) services is a next-generation BI that helps stakeholders across industries, reinvent their businesses by embracing the ever-evolving consumers, technology and market trends and implementing data governance policies on their data-lake to unlock the KPIs.

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Today’s consumer is channel-agnostic and inclines towards businesses and channels that offer maximum value and convenience at a lower cost. Intense focus on customer-centricity, increasing competition from online counterparts and constant cost pressure are drastically changing operating models and business strategies. Given this landscape, stakeholders need to re-imagine their business and embrace digital developments pervasively to get a single view of customer across multiple channels.

TechVariable’s “Omnichannel Business Intelligence (BI) services” is a next-generation intelligence solution that helps decision makers and strategists reinvent their businesses by embracing the evolving consumer, technology and market trends and implementing data governance policies on their data-lake to unlock the KPIs. These information can be leveraged to provide personalized services to customers across all touch points, thereby differentiating their offerings.

“Omnichannel Business Intelligence (BI) services” offers the following capabilities:

Performance Scorecard:

The Balanced performance scorecard is a performance management system designed to align, measure, and communicate how well an organization’s activities are supporting the strategic vision and mission of the organization. It has added strategic performance (may be financial or operational) measures to traditional metrics to create a more ‘balanced’ view of organizational performance.

Balanced scorecard dashboards include both leading and lagging indicators. For example, for the retail industry, customer and financial KPIs are traditionally lagging indicators – the numbers indicate what has already happened. KPIs for the two perspectives of internal processes and learning/growth are leading indicators. This is because positive results achieved with respect to internal processes and learning/growth initiatives should lead to a positive result in the customer and financial KPIs. All these and more can be customized as per the business need to provide a better visibility to identify the customer group, product line or the individual products and customers where the actual performance is lagging behind expectation. Similarly, for the financial sector, an upsurge in an economic keyword may turn out to be an important indicative metric for an impending red flag.

Omni-Channel data-lake :

We establish a data integration (DI) strategy from multiple sources, be it social media or traditional media as part of our enterprise business intelligence pregame. We will capture data from diverse sources and provide you with a 360-degree view. Our centralized database incorporates social media feeds and posts, as well as demographic and psycho-graphic data, preferences, in-store and online behavior, records from various websites, financial, health history etc. whichever is available and relevant.


1. Reconcile data from diverse channels for a unified experience.
2. Improve and mold existing business strategies through insights.
3. Identify KPIs through attractive as well as informative dashboards.
4. Controlling as well as management of all kinds of data.

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