Due to evident lack of time, money and resource on the part of growing enterprises to enjoy the luxury of restarts with minimal cost as far as concept or product development is concerned, there has been an obvious increase in the number of offshore development centers.

Why to Choose Offshore Development?
1) Inhouse burden of employment can be avoided
2) Technology specific resources at the disposal
3) A project manager from our company’s DDC works closely with a project manager appointed from your company
4) Possibility of short term as well as long term arrangements.

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Offshore Development Centre Features Provided By TechVariable:

TechVariable’s standard Communication workflow:


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Our Mission Statement:

Our top priority is to deliver a quality service that can be beneficial for a company in both short and long term!

Our highly qualified offshore software developers can handle and build any custom software for any size companies from any part of the world. Our vision is to help companies achieve their target in a cost-effective way and at the same time helping for potential growth.
We have a strong base and experience in the offshore development industry.
We are easy in English communication. Though we have a time difference, we will never ignore your urgent queries.

Offshore Development Services or ODC Services:

Why outsource software development services?
The answer is pretty straight forward.
With offshore development services businesses and ventures will not only get custom made software and robust web and mobile apps, but it also helps an enterprise to get out of the trap from investing a huge sum of money for their business process optimisation. So that’s the primary reason we are here for your service. We have all the necessary experts, experiences and knowledge to provide dependable offshore development service in a cost-efficient manner.

Need a helping hand?
Get our trained and experienced experts to build quality software for your company’s specific purpose.
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Our offered services:

  • a) Data gathering and analysation.
  • b) Building customisable software.
  • c) Design implementation.
  • d) Proper user Interface and user experience planning.
  • e) Quality Assurance.
  • f) Rigorous experimentation.
  • g) Remote management and maintenance.
  • h) Post-delivery support.

Take our complete web development services. Our professional hands can provide and manage diverse web development service for a wide array of needs. It can be an Ecom website, a company’s web application, mobile apps that are needed for enhanced web performance, the latest platforms for marketing purpose, any kind of online management tool and many more. Our professional staff always follow cutting-edge technology and has vast expertise in their respective field.

Our experts in the area of front end development are always ahead of the curve in terms of the newest user experience and engaging software development. Our expertise includes all sorts of JavaScript-based framework and its run time environment including Bootstrap development.

In today’s ever developing software world the No.1 priority for a service provider is user friendliness. That is why we always starts a project with user-centric approach where our primary focus is on easy navigation, high information visibility, and improved performance. In the end, TechVariable will create optimised, scalable and secured solutions that will provide users a positive experience.

Our highly experienced web developers can build satisfactory e-commerce apps and stores for managing your valuable online retail world. If you want a global presence and generate more revenues, we can help you create a custom e-commerce application according to your business requirements. Our e-commerce expertise includes any type of e-commerce projects, Open cart development, Magento development.

TechVariable develops enterprise level applications for multifold corporations and businesses that have a global presence. Our corporate software services can create apps and software for efficient file management, data handling, accounting management, corporate online learning and so much more. Our team of dedicated developers and software engineers builds leading and robust applications for companies to increase their organisational standard, execution, and profitability.

Building of custom applications is our primary expertise. If your requirement is an e-commerce web site or a complex business system, TechVariable is here to deliver you premium quality custom app development services. We can build any type of sophisticated software and applications for a variety of businesses and industries without diverting from our core philosophies i.e., business-oriented and customer-centric approach. In addition, our applications are highly scalable and easily maintainable without compromising your business needs.

TechVariable implements end-to-end mobile applications development services by building mobile apps cater to your exact requirements and specifications. Our mobile developer is highly competent in major mobile operating system, especially iOS, Android, and Windows. If you are planning of a new mobile application, hire our top iOS, Android, Windows phone development team to turn your idea into reality and get a fresh, innovative and compelling mobile app for your business growth. TechVariable will handover you a meaningful mobile app that comes with the latest features and user-friendly interfaces to attract more users and optimise your business processes.

Are you not happy with your current software and its inability to meet your immediate goals? TechVariable offers legacy system upgradation services to boost the effectiveness of your existing software. Our professional team of highly skilled developers will manage your product and enhance its usability for the future.

TechVariable assures that our clients get a thoughtful and premium custom programming solution. Our developers always conform to highest quality measures and perform industry standard coding practices. Our offering of a complete solution to quality check and guaranteed satisfactory services is hard to ignore. No matter your company size we will always stick to our promises. Our highly skilled QA engineers and testers can develop and create perfect software products for various platforms and devices with regular analysation of its operational function in real-time.

We know our clients’ primary issue with offshore projects is post-delivery support. To meet this concern, we have dedicated support staff for full product assistant in case of any needed change or requirements. We seek and committed for long-term support agreement for our delivered projects. Our support system involves urgent repairing and upgrades, bug fixing and any standard software maintenance and support.

Benefits of Hiring us as an Offshore Team:

By hiring us, you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business like sales, branding or promotions while we are putting work on our core expertise which is product development.

Because we are an Indian based company our hourly rate of developers are much less than any other country. Overall, our offshore services are specifically designed to provide our clients with the most cost-efficient solution.

TechVariable always maintains a personal level relationship with clients for smooth project management which make the journey comfortable. From meeting the project deadline to managing it proactively, we will never let you down. In addition to that, TechVarable takes every possible measure to comply with your company standards, work background and norms.

TechVariable’s talented developers can handle any size of projects according to clients need. Our IT team is not only proficient in complex software project management but also have an excellent communication skill in English. We will take your business samples and ideas and build the project accordingly for maximum output.

Even though you are getting our service with a minimal budget, but it does not mean that we will compromise with our quality. We always deliver more than expected from the creation of top-notch software products to implementing the highest international programming standards.

Our approach towards taking on a project is very flexible. We love to provide our clients with the maximum scope of customisation in programming and communication. Our active participation towards new challenges means that we use a very consultative path for doing business. We first meticulously consider your exact requirements, after that, we will understand your business idea and finally turning it into software that everybody loves to use.



According to The Project Management Institution Report , ineffective communications is one of the primary reason why projects become unsuccessful not only in terms of risking the company’s fund but also hampering the overall success rates.That is why TechVariable ensures that effective communication is done in every possible step to make the project more likely to end up in a successful event.
We as an Offshore development center In India will make sure that we provide you our best company representatives that are not only well versed in technical topics but also understands your business goals so that we can orient our in-depth technical knowledge to meet the vision you are aiming to achieve.

Do you have a requirement? Talk to our consultant and understand how TechVariable can help you elevate your product scope to business reality or support your already available technology team through its collaborative models.

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