Leveraging Data in the Media and Entertainment Industry

The media-entertainment industry has always had to depend on traditional sources of information as well as instinctive business acumen to arrive at any kind of strategic decision. With the inadvertent surge of data and information sources, the industry has taken a turn in the Digital Transformation direction for the better.

Social media and other such online platforms have opened doors for users to not just view but also share contents like images, videos, blog posts etc. The previously under-thought and unplanned questions like “How, When and Where” as far as Content Publishing as well as advertising is concerned, has become a whole lot reasoning-based due to availability of umpteenth amount of data. With the knowledge of data availability and ever-increasing competition, it has become imperative for the industry, now more than ever to make use of these resources by building and investing on innovative platforms which can not just aggregate data, but arrange as well as understand them in an manner which subsequently help in performing analytics and drawing important insights related to not just the way business is run, but also the way customers interact with brands so that strategies can be set with proper frameworks for effective utilization of assets.

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