We have developed several custom-designed solutions for the media and market research industry over the past few years. We have extensive experience with using modern technology to optimise advertising campaigns, aggregate and analyse big data effectively, and make working with media traffic easier in general. Our solutions have helped clients from the media and market research sectors gain from faster and more insightful analysis and more effective advertising.

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  • Social Media Aggregation

    Aggregation of data from multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. and presentation on an omni-channel dashboard.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Custom algorithms for performing sentiment analysis on a section of summarized texts, besides leveraging powerful algorithms from AWS, Google Cloud etc.

  • Web Scrapping

    Scraping data from various websites, collection of data for news aggregation through API integration or scraping tools like Webhose.

  • Parsing and Summarising

    Parsing and summarising important digital document using latest technologies like NLU-NLG, so that the resultant text is a more generalised form of the original document

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    Reporting aggregated data and summarised documents in standard media industry formats. Powerful visualization of data through vibrant dashboards, graphs and charts using platforms like Tableau and Kibana.

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