We have worked closely with businesses to build end-to-end HR management platforms. These applications have been designed for custom client requirements, but also powerful industry standards like Lean HR. Our solutions have not just simplified HR management, but have also empowered enterprises to drive performance and create a result-oriented culture.

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  • Core HR and payroll

    Tailor-made payroll services to match business needs irrespective of the number of employees. A good payroll solution ensures correct and timely payouts and hassle-free wage management as per company and government policies.

  • Time and attendance management

    Modern employee attendance management systems that tracks check-in and check-out timing, and present useful analytics and reports on demand. A robust attendance management system eliminates human errors and possibilities of misuse.

  • Leave management & Employee Tracker

    Easy leave management using customisable leave policies with multiple approval processes. Helps improve your team's productivity and keeps your projects on track with a simple, secure, and customized tracking platform.

  • Performance Management Platform

    Strategy development and mapping with objective parameters set within the enterprise, for delivering on key performance indicators. Awarding employees on their performances is a great way of encouraging them.

  • Project and asset management

    Versatile project management systems that allow your teams to plan new project, assign responsibilities, track progress and manage team resources. Project management systems can be custom-designed to enterprise requirements, industry standards and scale.

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