The TechVariable team comprehends the delicacy of the healthcare sector as it literally is a question of “life and death”. Meeting regulatory compliances, along with ensuring improved operational efficiency and streamlined internal processes can sometimes prove to be daunting task. That’s where the TechVariable team comes in to solve your problem.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • Ensuring that patients are the centre of concentration in whatever business model adopted.
  • Following regulatory norms along with making sure that the process is cost-effective
  • Efficient handling of a large amount of data
  • Devising policies and guidelines which ensure preventive care

Why us?

  • Business process modernization using modern IT tools
  • Inventory Management Solution for pharmnacy
  • Android/iOS/Windows mobile applications
  • Effective customer relationship module
  • Data management and analytics
  • Hospital Management and information portals
  • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
  • Business intelligence
  • Digital Media Marketing

Business value

  • Database management
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Future planning and expansion using analytics
  • Cost predictability