Gauhati University

Gauhati University, which was established in the year 1948, is the oldest and most renowned university in the entire North-East India. This is a teaching-cum-affiliating university, at present there are approximately 326 colleges/institutes affiliated to Gauhati University.
The department of Anthropology is actively involved in research-based projects within the region. Surveys are conducted on regular basis for the accomplishment of the projects.

Problem statement:
Anthropology Department is involved in surveys for various projects. They encountered a number of difficulties in the process and a question of reliability of data was evident. The major issues are listed below –
1. Ineffective: Since the source of gathered information are surveyors in this case students through questionnaires in a select group, there is always a problem in terms of measuring the effectiveness of the data.
2. Transparency: There is no clarity if the surveyor is honest, suppose if he himself answers the questions then the result becomes irrelevant.
3. Time Consuming: To conduct a survey manually is a long process, noting down details in a certain format along with the output of the subjects etc. This resulted in wastage time and effort.
4. Data preservation: Hard Copies of data are prone to damage in the long run and can be misplaced also.
5. Conclusions: Dependability of the results is always questionable because there is always a chance of error in manual entries.

Project Summary:
Develop a Web and App portal for Anthropology Department of Gauhati University for their convenience to store large number of data collected through surveys conducted for research projects. They wanted a well organised set up that is portable and works offline, so that it is easy for them to carry out surveys in remote areas with poor internet connectivity.

The Android application that works on Tablets is only for the surveyors. It consists of a user Login ID that leads to the survey pages and an auto-captured Location feature. Data can be stored offline which gets synced when the device gets into a network zone. The app does not support the result view, its only for survey.

The web portal comprises of an added characteristic, the dashboard allows user to view results of the survey. There is a filter option provided so that the results can be viewed according to location, date, surveyor etc.

Project Features:
Android Application Feature –
➢ Convenient user Interface.
➢ Speed of loading.
➢ Easy Data transfer/export in all formats.
➢ Availability of online offline modes.
➢ Date and place stamp to be saved in offline mode and later synced.
➢ Intuitive feature of dynamic search and feature.
➢ Cloud storage.
➢ 3 access level of admin login.
➢ Attach photos and documents during survey.
➢ User login for all students and volunteers.
➢ Support and updates.
➢ Security (SSL, Bot protection, SQL injection).
➢ Recovery of data in case of disaster.
Additional Features –
➢ Presentation of data in an ordered manner.
➢ Performance evaluation of students and volunteers.
➢ Data Analytics:
• Graphs of data columns
• Mean value (average) calculation.
• Data sampling.
➢ Data comparison with previous and subsequent year.

The developed Web and App portal served the department to store data collected through survey in a well-organised format. With the offline saving mode feature it became convenient to conduct research in remote areas. There were constraints related to the effectiveness of the conclusion but with the transparency in the procedure the results are much more reliable.