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#home   |   September 10, 2021

The Excitement of Returning Home



Hillul Saikia

B-Tech from National Institute of Technology Silchar (Graduated 2019)

Being born and brought up in Assam, there was always a part of me longing to work in my own native land ever since I moved to Noida to pursue my first job. Even due to some personal reasons, I was actively on the lookout for an opportunity in my hometown.

Back in 2020, I was working in a renowned company in Delhi, NCR. One fine day, while I was serving my notice period in that company, I came across one of TechVariable’s posts on Social Media and then quickly I decided to connect with them over LinkedIn. In the meantime, I’ve received a reply from the team that there was an opening related to my profile. After a few days, their recruitment team scheduled my interview which later went smoothly and with the grace of God, I managed to clear the interview. This was how my journey in TechVariable started and finally, I joined the team on December 14, 2020. Here, I would like to thank Ratna Da, Nilotpal Da, Utpal Da and also Sonali Ba for getting me back to Assam.

Speaking about my professional journey, at the beginning of my career I got the opportunity to join one of the leading platforms for merchants, Pinelabs as a Software Developer. I developed a web portal and rest API’s for the pos machine, tablet and mobile apps by working on technologies like Angular 6, Data structure, Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Mysql, MongoDB, etc.

Then, I started working as a Software Analyst in this thriving tech startup named TechVariable where I got exposure to dealing with clients apart from designing and building a project. Here, I and my teammates were developing a fin-tech product for an international client.

I then joined a remote job in a Gurgaon based Fin-tech company, Fypmoney as a Senior Developer. Here we are working on making a digital payment system for teenagers. Here I have gained extra skills like Amazon Service, Microservice Architecture and Graphql.

It’s exciting to see ample new startups growing in my hometown, Guwahati, but TechVariable has stood alone as one of the best startups. The organization beholds a vision of providing job opportunities to many other aspirants like me who wish to return and work closer to home. The quality and timely delivery of work are truly commendable. Besides this, I would like to add that its work culture and environment is super favourable and enjoyable.

“I believe, every day is a new learning experience. Getting exposed to new technologies and solutions make my work exciting. Even analyzing the pros, cons and providing the best solution makes my job interesting. Also, working in a favourable environment acts as icing on top”.

One of the prime reasons why I miss working at TechVariable is the friendly work environment. Even though there was work pressure, but there was no lack of support as everyone in the team was really friendly and supportive.

Apart from my professional world, I am interested in travelling to new places, meeting new people and trying out new cuisines as I have a passion for food vlogging. Thanks for going through my professional journey so far.


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