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#techjourney   |   September 15, 2021

How time flies: My 4 years at TechVariable



Kalyan Jyoti Kalita

A year after TechVariable set up their office in Guwahati, I joined this organization on 2nd August 2017. By that time, I worked as a UI developer for almost three years after graduating with my specialization in Computer Science.

Kalyan Jyoti Kalita TechVariable Senior UI Developer

One fine day out of the blue, a former colleague of mine mentioned a new startup called TechVariable. Startups were not common in Assam during that time, which resonated with me for a few days until I decided to check them out. I had been hearing a lot about startups, their high-speed environment, engaged group of employees, and this undeniably made me curious to get in touch with the team. My profile was not an exact match to the openings for which the company was hiring at that moment. However, a month later, the co-founder of the startup, Mr Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee, reached out to me regarding a new opening for a front-end developer. After subsequent rounds of interviews and discussions, I successfully went through. I became a member of the first team of TechVariable, back when we were just a 5-membered team, and this makes me happy to have seen the company’s evolution and reach where it is today.

And then began my extremely fulfilling journey here at this fast-growing and dynamic organization. The open, inclusive and dedicated work culture motivates me to walk that extra mile with my team members, and I get excited to be at the office. A sense of team happiness prevails within the startup, which spurs productivity and makes the work environment a delighted space.

Kalyan Jyoti Kalita 4th work anniversary at TechVariable

Recognition on my 4th work anniversary at TechVariable

Of course, there are crazy days when it seems like nothing’s falling in place, but that’s part and parcel of any job. The peer-to-peer learning culture is fantastic, and this has helped me get better in my technical skills. This support system is significant, and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate the small wins. There is always some planning going on lunch outings, team events, potluck lunch, beer binging sessions (yes, we have a bar at the office) where we get together for casual chit-chat-about work, life, past weekend, and of course, Cricket. Also, sharing the same workspace with my younger brother was satisfying. To sum it up, I find joy and fulfilment in my days here.

Kalyan Jyoti Kalita birthday celebrations in TechVariable

Birthday celebrations in the office with my brother and the entire team

Last month marked my 4th work anniversary, and I look forward to the coming years for creating an indelible impact in the tech space. TechVariable has been my longest-serving company by far, and each passing day here brings me a new set of challenges to learn from and grow. Also, being recognized for all the contributions and efforts put in makes my work rewarding.

With an experience curve of 7+ years, I’ve been working on front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS, WordPress, and Magento. I have developed great websites for international clients, for renowned local and international brands such as Jovian(PLM365), ERC Eye Care, Network Travels, and have also developed TechVariable’s updated new website.

Besides coding, I enjoy gardening and listening to music for recreation. Every team member of TechVariable has accepted each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, each of my co-worker’s vigor for self-development is motivating and appreciable at the same time.

TechVariable Team Lunch 2019

Back in 2019 when the team was small


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