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#techjourney   |   August 05, 2021

Twist of Fate — My Journey



Ashvija Vijayendra

When I moved to Guwahati, Assam in 2017 from my then client site at Chicago, USA – I was anxious about my career curve in the IT Industry. With over 7+ years experience already in the IT Industry and hailing from IT Hub City Bengaluru, it was challenging for me to see myself growing in this small city. I worked as a freelancer for over 2 years before I decided I needed a more stable and full time job. I came across a video from TechVariable regarding ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ on LinkedIn. I was impressed with the detail the video entailed and I messaged the HR enquiring if they had an opening for my position. As fate had it, they indeed had an opening and were delighted to have me onboard. I was as delighted as the team to be a part of this wonderful startup to a full fledged organisation journey. I informed my then client and after serving the notice, I was in on this ride.

Today after almost 1 year on this journey, I will swear that I would have had it no other way. TechVariable has given me the boost to do well in my current role, helped me navigate through various other roles, freedom to balance work-life and has given me one of the most amazing teams and environments to work with.

At TechVariable we worked together to build a process flow for Quality Assurance of the products in-house, to step towards the end to end product company. Even today, we are working together to make TechVariable a one stop for all the software solutions, end-to-end. I am proud to say I am part of a company which understands personal needs alongside honing the professional skills. Being from another state, I have never felt out of place here. It is these open and easy conversations that have helped improve the company and one self.

Thanks TechVariable team for my trajectory career curve and making this ride enjoyable throughout. Looking forward to more such years!!


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