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#humanresource   |   July 29, 2021

Grappling Career and Motherhood- my story



Antara Saikia Vauquline

Being a working woman, bringing a career to the desired level after a halt was a big concern. My life was only about my career until I decided to take a break and get hitched and soon after accepting the new role of motherhood. This break made me wonder whether motherhood would be a boon or a barrier. I was skeptical that after this break would I be able to cope up with the challenges that it would bring with it? I kept wondering whether it would be feasible to get back to full-time work or extended working hours after my baby’s delivery.

Antara Saikia Vauquline TechVariable Manager- HR & Admin

Then I anticipated, as I was in Human Resources, recruitment would be a doable option for me to start with and thought of doing freelancing. I began to excavate all the contacts and started networking about recruitment requirements. I have been in touch with the Management team of TechVariable ever since its establishment. One fine day last year, while talking with one of the co-founders, I informally said that “If you have so many requirements, then you should go for a full-time HR. So why don’t you hire me?” To the least of my expectation, he said, “Yes! That would be the best option if you agree”. I was astounded as he already knew about the long gap that I had and that I have more responsibilities after the birth of my son and may not entirely be able to dedicate myself to the job.

Soon I joined here as their HR Manager, which was the desired profile that I was looking for. I noticed that they have a very open and collaborative work culture. It’s always people-centric, and the team dynamism is excellent. This concerted work environment eased my task and assisted me in focusing more on people management by implementing different HR policies. My experience helped me to enhance employee engagement. It implemented various employee benefits programs, rewards, and recognitions and crafted other operational processes to set the foundations for a lasting organization. Fast forward to today. It has been a fantastic journey so far with TechVariable. I have realized that motherhood has been a valuable training ground for me to grow as a person and improve my empathy, humility, and patience, along with super multitasking skills. This translates into my professional career and helps me better manage my team and think of ways to help each individual grow personally and professionally.

As an HR professional, I am striving to connect all our employees with the values and help everyone move in unison towards the company’s vision. The next phase of TechVariable is to transition to a scale-up company, and I’d try to evade a biased mindset and constantly make a connection with my colleagues to make them comfortable to adapt to the ethos and ethics of the company, creating an ecosystem of growth for the individuals and the company.

I am proud to be part of a company that has supported me throughout and not let me grapple between my career and motherhood.


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