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#techjourney   |   August 18, 2021

The voyage and the experiences in TechVariable



Ankita Agarwal

MCA from Tezpur University

Ankita Agarwala TechVariable Programmer Analyst

I remember it was early August 2019 with a rush of campus recruitment at Tezpur University. The turmoil of thoughts, curiosity, and anxiousness could be seen on every student’s face, and I, too, was a part of that complexity. One fine day, I sat for my first interview for one of the global leaders in IT services, TCS, and to my surprise, I was able to clear all the rounds and could grab this golden opportunity. Although the mission of getting placed was successfully achieved while questions and scepticism were constant even after then, the question “Is this what I really want to do?” kept hitting the walls of my head every minute.

I was in Guwahati for some reason while the recruitment was in full swing at the university. The following day, as I was heading back to college, I got the news of another tech company visiting the campus for recruitment called TechVariable. I researched the company through its website and social media pages. I read about the open work culture, and life there seemed so exciting. The team members, with their smiles, did not feel like any portfolio shoots. In fact, very genuine! This made me feel like joining this dynamic clan and start working from a home-grown company like TechVariable would be the best decision for my career. This indeed helped me to find answers to various questions that were brewing inside my mind.

As there wasn’t enough time left in my hand, I hurriedly prepared myself for the interview as soon as I reached. Anxiously, I sat right in front of my interviewers, Jnyan Ankur Kakati and Nandan Choudhury, who effortlessly made it easy for me. The vibe that I had perceived all along the interview was full of positivity. I wasn’t sure whether I would be hired or not among many other brilliant talents, so the recruitment offer came as a grand surprise for me. I was thrilled and content and couldn’t wait to join the team.

Jan 3, 2020“I stepped into the office premises. It was the first day of my corporate life at TechVariable. The taste of mixed feelings being a fresher was indescribable. For the fact, I knew that it was going to be good, while I had never imagined how amazing the day would turn out to be. It was a complete transformation for me from student to corporate life. I was unsure how things would turn out for me, but eventually, my managers and team made me so comfortable that I did not feel like I was switching from one life to another.”

The friendly team that I saw in the pictures wasn’t an illusion. They were so welcoming that I didn’t feel like I was meeting them for the first time. That was when I realized that instead of going for a big corporation and establishing my career, TechVariable as a startup will provide me a platform to gain ample experience and up-skill myself with knowledge. I still believe that if I had been in TCS, my 1.5 years of experience wouldn’t be as accountable as it is now. My learning curve has since been rising with substantial career growth and recognition, so I never regret my decision.

TechVariable has provided me with a platform to learn and, in the process, earn accolades to cherish for a lifetime, and being recognized for my hard efforts is appreciable here. I started from scratch with a homely team with amazing mentors, i.e., from a Front-end Developer but steadily moving towards Full-Stack Development. Currently, I know ReactJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and from the back-end technologies, I’m acquainted with NodeJS, connected with MongoDB. I love how the word ‘Impossible’ ceases to exist in the tech world and the way how technology simplifies any complex task to the level that it can even be made easily understandable to a layman.

Apart from this, TechVariable has successfully instilled an inclusive and motivating work culture where I’m comfortably able to manage time apart from coding by playing the Ukulele, listening to songs, travelling, jamming with family and friends for recreation.


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