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#techjourney   |   August 20, 2021

Awesome company for learning new technologies



Abhishek Chatterjee

Back in 2018, when I was still pursuing my BCA, I joined TechVariable as a Data Analyst Intern to hone my coding skills and develop my abilities. I worked there as an intern for 9 months and finally in July 2019, after completing my graduation, I joined as a full-time employee.

I primarily worked on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Web Development, NodeJS, and ReactJS. To be honest, TechVariable is an awesome company for learning new technologies. Being a service-based company growing from Assam, at TechVariable, they always make use of the latest and greatest technologies. For me, I started there as a Data Analyst, but slowly learned and progressed into several other technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL, etc.

I started coding very early in my life when I was maybe around 16 years old. I have always considered it as my natural talent. I love how my job helps in solving everyday problems through high-paced tech solutions. The opportunity to collaborate with people of different backgrounds, technologies, and nationalities is very fascinating and provides me with a real learning experience. I strongly believe that the dynamic collaborative environment at TechVariable has helped me become a better version of myself.

I have worked on more than 5 offshore projects for major clients from Singapore, Colorado, Bengaluru, etc. starting from Machine Learning, Web Development to Mobile App Development. Now when I recollect the past success deliveries, one of the most exciting projects was the digital transformation of a Fortune 200 company employing around 93,000 people across 60 countries. Also, we developed a solution that speeds up data collection, improves accuracy, and generates real-time reports of trends for a reputed news agency from Malaysia.

The work environment at TechVariable is amazing and everyone is so friendly to each other. Being recognized for the hard efforts is one of the prime reasons where TechVariable stands out above all other employee benefits. I and the team members such as Shilpi, Sonali, Ankita, Nilutpal, Nandan, Kalyan, Dhruva, and Ankur shared a very deep bond so it was very exciting to come to the office every day and complete the entrusted tasks.

Besides coding, I enjoy traveling and capturing moments through my camera lens, so other than work, whenever I have free time, I just go out and travel (well it is not working well for the last 1.5 years, thanks to Covid!).


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