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According to Wikipedia, “React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.

React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications, as it’s optimal only for its intended use of being the quickest method to fetch rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded. However, fetching data is only the beginning of what happens on a web page, which is why complex React applications usually require the use of additional libraries for state management, routing, and interaction with an API.”

According to Wikipedia, “Angular (commonly referred to as “Angular 2+” or “Angular v2 and above”) is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS.”

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018, the front-end framework, Angular, is used by 36.9% of software developers for creating user interface.

Agile SDLC model could be a combination of unvarying and progressive method models with specialize in method ability and client satisfaction by fast delivery of operating wares. Agile strategies break the merchandise into tiny progressive builds. These builds square measure provided in iterations. Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a light-weight method framework for agile development, and also the most widely-used one. A “process framework” may be a explicit set of practices that has got to be followed so as for a method to be the framework. (For example, the commencement method framework needs the employment of development cycles referred to as Sprints, the XP framework needs combine programming, and then forth.) “Lightweight” implies that the overhead of the method is

In today’s market, it is very important that you always have an edge over your competitors. That you have a trick up your sleeve, a backup plan for everything. Survival in the rat race that the industry has become is something that we cannot stress enough.

One way to do that, to be better than the rest is having a software that is best suited to your needs and for that, you need developers, the good ones at that. But not always do we get exactly the result that we had in mind. It’s a glitch that can be minimized but never fully eliminated. At the end of the, you have to make a little compromise for the better.

The proverb that “Jack of all trade but Ace of None” is no longer valid today. To remain ahead of everyone else, to beat them at their own game today, you need to “Ace of All Trade and Jack of None”. As strange as that may sound, it is true.

The same goes for software. You cannot have multiple software for different tasks. You cannot have a manual method for everything. Because every business is different, the needs of persons in those professions also differ.