Assam Institute of Management


Problem Actualization:

  • New guidelines- AIM initially followed percentage-based result model but since the adoption of GPA score model the institute needed a portal for auto calculations of score.
  • Records- The records were unorganised and entered manually on paper creating problems for the management and students as well.
  • Time consuming- Without a setup, completely dedicated for the calculation of grade points, the process becomes lengthy (6 subjects per trimester with different elective subject for each student).
  • Longevity- Data stored is secure irrespective of time.

Project Summary:

Develop a web application portal for AIM’s examination branch so that it becomes convenient to calculate student’s GPA score and keep track of results. AIM follows Trimester mode programme, the portal works in such a manner that a student’s name, roll no, course details are logged in to the system and then with each semester the student’s subject-wise marks obtained and grade points (auto calculated) are put in and stored. The passing marks, for each subject and on an average for each Trimester needs to be calculated so that the number of students with backlog should be verified. The software has an in-built feature that shows the students name with backlog and suited for re-exam.


The developed gateway helped AIM to keep records of each student in details. Since everything is stored in the system its functionality is far superior than the manually entered hard copy. Information of students became handy and well organised with data migration. At first there were constraints regarding the passing marks but after the adoption of this web portal a person only needs to input the marks obtained and the GPA score is out in no time.


Digitalization in various sector resulted in rapid development and educational institutions are also slowly but surely adapting it. It is crucial for educational institutions to store information and data of each and every student accurately. The web application provided by TechVariable helped the management to keep track of results and calculation of CGPA score.