TechVariable digitally transforms an MNC’s remuneration management system across 30 countries

Industry - HR Tech

TechVariable digitally transforms an MNC’s remuneration management system across 30 countries

Client: A US-based Fortune 200 company that employs around 91,000 people across 30 countries.


Product Engineering

Technologies Used

Reactjs, Nodejs, GraphQL, stored procedures on MySQL, Microsoft Azure

Challenge at hand

The company did not have a reliable system for compensation management and relied on Microsoft Excel and email for the entire exercise. It led to several challenges:

Compensation Calculation - HR guidelines and policies vary from country to country, depending upon regulation, which affected the compensation calculations. It had to be updated manually.

Workload spikes – The HR team struggled to keep up with multiple emails and manual updates on MS Excel between December and March each year.

Multiple stakeholders – Compensation management involves several stakeholders, and they exchanged a vast number of emails. Concluding the final compensation structure was time-consuming, people-dependent, and caused delays.

Lack of transparency and access to information – The senior leadership could not get information quickly on budget allocation, money disbursement, and other details for their regions.

The TechVariable Solution

TechVariable built a one-stop, automated solution to make compensation management fast, smooth, and seamless.

Our technical team worked closely with the client’s team onsite between October 2019 and January 2020 to gather requirements. There were two aspects, technical and business, to consider.

On the other hand, the business process is highly complicated. Our team developed a deep understanding of the business logic behind calculating bonuses, perks, and salaries across different business units, regions, and hierarchies and incorporating them into the solution.

After multiple discussions with the global HR head, technology leads, business analysts, and other leaders, we divided the compensation system into two buckets:

a) Primary Salary: This is a fixed, annual salary increment.
b) Performance Bonus: An increment based on the performance of the employee and the organization.

Modules Implemented


  • Reports generation – Users from different levels of the hierarchy can access customized dashboards to view more than 60 reports according to their geography for allocations and expenditures.
  • Single system across geographies – It can now handle compensations for 91,000 employees across 30 countries, with enhanced visibility that allows for better planning.
  • Seamless Handling of Geographical Differences – It is compatible with the requirements and guidelines for each region while ensuring that such differences can be handled in a uniform manner.
  • Increased efficiency – The HR team can now handle increases in workload with ease.
  • Hierarchical access authority – It provides users both a bird’s eye view and drills down data on a specific country or business unit.
  • Better planning capability – Leaders now have better visibility of funds required and utilized across geographies, thus facilitating better planning for upcoming compensations.

  • After successfully deploying the above modules, the client has now expanded the scope of work for TechVariable. The team is currently gathering requirements for additional modules for compensation management.

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    We at TechVarible do acknowledge that one size will not fit all. Hence, we work in collaboration with you to identidy, analyze & then develop a solution that fulfils your needs.

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    High level design architecture

    The Result

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