Challenge at hand

SITA operates at a massive scale, managing inbound travel itineraries to India, Nepal and Bhutan. The award winning destination management company works with travel operators around the world, organising hundreds of destinations, guides and hotels — for thousands of travellers at any given time.

As one can imagine, this requires a tremendous amount of coordination, management of a large number of data streams, and executing plans in a very dynamic environment. When client approached us, all coordination between all parties was managed manually.

SITA now wanted to create a fully integrated platform to ensure automated, seamless and real time management of all these processes.

Technical challenges in existing solution
The destination management business has a lot of moving parts, and at SITA, data was received from and entered into multiple systems manually. This was time and labour intensive, and prone to errors. The constantly changing environment — from destinations to travellers’ requirements — introduced new variables and further complicated the process.

The TechVariable Solution

We built an end to end solution that brought all stakeholders on a single platform in real time — automating tasks, keeping everybody in sync and minimizing errors and oversight. The platform integrated the disparate data sources seamlessly, and leveraged the latest technology to ensure effortless communication and real time updates. The new solution had the following features:

1. Fully automated booking management, including destination search, recommended guides and itinerary management
2. Partner management module for travel guides to view allocated itineraries, and process according to availability
3. Supplier management module for management of hotels and other hospitality services
4. Product management module for creation and management of packages including guided travel itineraries
5. Integration of data sources for real time visibility and processing of information from different sources like supplier details, costing, products, availability of guides, etc. We built custom APIs to pull, clean and integrate data seamlessly from disparate sources
6. Efficient coordination between teams spread across countries was facilitated through Slack, GitHub, Jira and Apicurio