Challenge at hand

The objective was to build an MVP for a SAAS-based specialised project management and relationship management platform for service-oriented companies. The idea was to build a tool that could enable service-oriented companies to manage their entire portfolio of accounts, and the entire lifecycle of every ongoing project in each account, on a single collaborative service relationship management system. This would help organizations manage workflows seamlessly, manage multiple projects with limited resources, and plan deliveries in a simple, smooth manner.

The TechVariable Solution

We built the Seract MVP as a simple but highly functional platform that enables organisations to manage their service interactions and deliverables with flexibility and ease. The platform can be used by organisations to design workflows and processes based on their own requirements, as well as the specific needs for each account or project. Different teams can be assigned for each service, account, project from within the organization, and clients can be looped into projects to ensure seamless deliveries. Each stakeholder can be assigned different privileges on the basis of their roles.

The platform was custom designed on the basis of extensive groundwork involving requirement gathering from the client, research, brainstorming and close collaboration at every level. We followed the agile methodology to ensure that the project stayed on track as it evolved through different stages of development. The web-based tool had the following features:

1. Portfolio of accounts
2. Creation of services, organised by categories
3. Creation of actions within each service
4. Creation of projects, organised by categories or services
5. Creation of deliverables for each project
6. Creation of users, invitation to other users
7. Assignment of tasks to each user, by project, service or category