Challenge at hand

The client required a solution that comprehensively enables managing all Old Age Home operations. The solution needed to address critical challenges including:

> Facility Management at the different levels of the company hierarchy.

> Online entry of assessments for the inmates.

> Marketing Automation.

> Management of events and recording of medical history.

> Provision of different types of reports for various roles.

> Multilingual support.

Proposed Solution

We developed a web portal after analyzing the requirements and divided it into two sections:
1. Super Admin: This section allows managing comprehensive data about facilities, including onboarding and management, like assigning the assessment forms for all facilities.
2. Facility: This section facilitates the operations of each facility. The capabilities include creating a service plan and events, managing an activity calendar, generating reports, and managing resident-related information.

The portal can automate and track the marketing and intake funnel, resident data management, medicine administration, and reporting of such facilities' residents. This version of the portal was the first cut beta version that would shape future design and enhancements. The entire product had been made highly configurable and extendable. Scalability was core to the design considerations to be used by one or more facilities simultaneously.