Challenge at hand

The client approached TechVariable to develop an agri-tech online portal to enable proper tracking of the manufacturing process of the organic pesticides and effective data management. They also wanted an e-commerce portal for directly selling the farm products to the customers.

Some of the challenges faced by the client were as follows:

  • Lack of transparency:

    It was difficult for the field officers to determine who was producing and how they were manufacturing pesticides. Checking the compliance and sanctity of all of the process steps involved in making the pesticides was also challenging.

  • Lack of data management:

    There was a massive flow of information such as farmers' profiles, name, age, location, contact numbers, the variety of crops they cultivated, cooperatives profile, and warehouse location. The client needed a platform that could manage and store them systematically, providing ease and convenience.

  • Inconvenience:

    The customers had to travel long distances to procure the farmers' organic farm products. An eCommerce platform could facilitate the ease of buying products directly from the farmers.

Proposed Solution

TechVariable used the Hyperledger Blockchain framework to store extensive traceability-related information to achieve traceability and transparency in the organic pesticides' entire manufacturing process.

We developed a system to store information about farmers, such as their location, contact number, crops they cultivate, cooperative profile, and warehouse location. We built an easy-to-use dashboard to manage the information stored in the system. A powerful authentication system further protects it.

Our team also designed an e-commerce portal to sell products on a direct basis to customers. For farmers, our team created a mobile application that enables keeping track of the crops harvested.