Challenge at hand

The offline way of doing business, especially in the transport industry, posed multiple challenges. As the number of buses and passengers increased, the prevalent methodologies of doing business became incommodious. The general issues included not able to get an amalgamated view of seat & route utilization or making an educated projection of the route and bus wise revenue generation. Some issues that shouted out loud were:

  • Inconvenience:

    Customers needed to visit bus counters for booking tickets, costing them both money and time.

  • Error-prone Process:

    Because customers book tickets manually over the phone, errors are inevitable, including multiple bookings of the same seat.

  • Financial Loss:

    Roadside pickups of passengers and conductors led to authorized agents' revenue loss, besides the company's negative branding.

  • Additional Manpower:

    Manual processes mandated that the client maintain an extra workforce to serve customers as well as handle internal operations in time.

  • Lack of Insights:

    The company's growth was hindered by a lack of reliable insights on the most profitable routes and the customer feedback and a lack of transparency in transactions.

Proposed Solution

TechVariable developed Network Travels' online ticket booking portal to enable bus travelers from North-East India to book bus tickets at their convenience.

With the solution we developed, the company and the customers have visibility of booking orders and payments. This visibility has ensured the transparency of all transactions for the company.

Going the extra mile! After developing the product, the biggest challenge was training in-house employees. There is a great Digital Divide in North East India compared to the rest of the country. A TechVariable team traveled to remote regions of the Northeast and educated people on the use and benefits of this system.

Technical support and maintenance are provided by a team of three online system administrators and two software developers from TechVariable.