Challenges at hand

The client wanted a capable platform that could transparently handle employee performance management. They wanted a better, company-wide strategic alignment between organizational objectives, employee performance, and resultant rewards.

Proposed Solution

TechVariable delivered an application that allowed the client to adopt a holistic, objective approach towards employee performance. There are two primary components; Performance Programs that deal with individual employee performances and Competency Programs that align the individual performance with organizational strategy.

a) Performance Program: The performance program component allowed leaders to set Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each employee. The KPIs are developed for specific performance evaluation periods. As the employees make progress towards their targets, the system adjusted their scores.

The platform cumulatively tracks the performance across periods. Such cumulative tracking allows the leaders to avoid biases in evaluation, including recency bias and affinity bias. The scaled-rating system allowed the employees to transparently see their progress against the set goals and adjust their performance accordingly. Such transparency allows for continuous improvement across the board.

b) Competency Program: The competency program establishes the correlation between an employee and all other parts and initiatives of the organization. It facilitates 360-degree evaluations, where every employee is reviewed by their managers, peers, subordinates, and even external organizational partners. The calibration component can also provide a balanced outlook of employee performance across multiple corporate initiatives.