Challenge at hand

We had to ensure that the solution can handle various services that Vaassist offers; one-time or recurring, and single service or a service package. The client wanted to ensure that the solution is able to track every service that their customers avail and the work allocation for those services is effectively maintained.

Before the solution, Vassist was managing all customer work manually. It created issues in work allocation and tracking. The inefficiencies were impacting customer satisfaction while increasing the internal work management overheads.

Proposed Solution

Our solution provided a dashboard to enable efficient client onboarding and service selection. The client work could now be assigned to team members, including account managers and team leaders. Employees working on assigned tasks and inquiries can then track the progress.

We also built a scheduler that automatically creates tasks and inquiries for recurring services. The automation ensured no work was left unattended by manual oversight.

The solution works on a robust infrastructure supported by bare metal servers. Apache proxy server allows users to connect securely, and WHM cPanel provides for easy management. As part of our long-term engagement, we continue to provide incremental features in an agile manner to strengthen the workflows even further.