Challenges at hand

Client had built a very useful tool for estimating the valuation of a startup, but it was built on Microsoft Excel using various formulae and worksheets. While it was something that a lot of startup founders and investors needed, but it was complex to use and could not be monetized by client. The challenge was to productize the idea as a standalone application which was easy to use, offered a good user experience and generated insightful reports in a usable format.

Technical challenges in existing solution

The existing solution required expert-level knowledge of MS Excel. Entering all the data required for the analysis was tedious and time consuming. The tool was complex, and many founders and investors required assistance to actually use the tool.

The TechVariable Solution

We built a powerful web-app based on the MS Excel formulae shared by client, which could be used by a layperson to calculate the valuation of their own company, or a company they were reviewing. The modern UI makes it simple to enter company data into the tool, and data visualisation makes it easy to analyze results and generate insightful reports in PDF format.

The tool uses three separate modules (Discounted Cash Flow, CLTV and Related Pricing) to generate accurate valuation based on entered company data. Industry-wise templates have been developed for more precise calculations. Founders can also conduct experiments and present investors with different scenarios which impact company valuation.