Chicago-based Company Develops Highly Configurable, Cloud-Agnostic PLM Platform

Industry - Technology

Chicago-based Company Develops Highly Configurable, Cloud-Agnostic PLM Platform

Client: We developed a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform for a technology start-up focused on creating next-generation enterprise solutions.


Product Engineering

Technologies Used

Angular.js, Node.js, Neo4j, Python, Elastic Search, AWS

Challenges at hand

TechVariable was required to ensure that the client had a highly customizable solution that enabled them to efficiently handle all product-related processes. Ensuring the quality while still maintaining the flexibility of the PLM-solutions was vital.

We also had to ensure a technically-robust response to other challenges and requirements, including:

  • Developing a highly configurable and customizable solution.
  • Capabilities to ensure the quality for every release.
  • Managing the application lifecycle amid short release cycles.
  • Lack of process documentation.

The TechVariable Solution

TechVariable was brought on board after two other vendors failed to take the project to fruition. We put together a team with a domain expert in PLM to ensure faster delivery of a highly capable solution. We adopted an iterative delivery model over 26 months to accommodate frequent scope changes.

Some of the significant components of the solution development were:

  • The management of computer-aided design (CAD) files
  • Optimizing the check-in/check-out process
  • Managing Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Process control
  • Measurements and knowledge management.

TechVariable created a highly intuitive solution in a data-driven and user-defined environment.

Modules Implemented


TechVariable delivered a cloud-ready PLM platform that far exceeded the initial scope of the engagement. The team conducted three demos for prospective clients that demonstrated its functionality, scalability, and search capabilities. It was also a learning experience for the client as TechVariable added new features that enhanced its capabilities. For instance, we added the graphical display’s drill-down feature and a forward and backward trace function of BoM later.

Overall benefits

Cloud-agnostic: Increases flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Highly customizable platform: Drag-and-drop functionality allows for layouts to be created and product lists to be customized.

Increased flexibility: The BPMN flowable engine provides a cloning feature that enables product versioning and future release testing.

Faster time-to-market: Facilitates collaboration and automates regression testing, thus reducing time-to-market.

Knowledge management: Documentation of process centralized and made easily accessible, thus improving knowledge capture and making auditing easier.

Need a custom software application for your buisness?

We at TechVarible do acknowledge that one size will not fit all. Hence, we work in collaboration with you to identidy, analyze & then develop a solution that fulfils your needs.

Either we will define the functional scope of your project to estimate the timeline and budget or you can create your own agile team from among our recources.

High level design architecture

The Result

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