Challenge at hand

In the early days of the Covid19 pandemic, there was a lot of confusion about the disease, diagnosis, medication and best practices — amongst the general public, but also within the medical community. There was more misinformation than facts doing the rounds, and as a doctor, it was hard to find trustworthy and relevant sources of information.

The Global Coalition for COVID-19 Medical Care (GCCMC) wanted us to develop a P2P sharing platform for doctors, where they could share firsthand knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences in managing Covid19. The challenge was to custom-design a platform which could facilitate medical discussions seamlessly, could be used only by doctors, and which made it easy to reach the information that doctors were looking for.

Technical challenges in existing solution
There were no existing medical forums dedicated to discussion on Covid19 for doctors across India. The general public forums were littered with misinformation and half-knowledge by non-specialists, since there were not controlled or moderated. Moreover, they were not designed for discovery and discussion of very specific medical issues, and it was challenging to find the right people and topics that could offer useful information.

The TechVariable Solution

We built the website and web app from ground up as an integrated tool for doctors to talk to doctors — a specialised and secure platform which made doctors feel instantly at home.

From an easy to search repository of Covid19-related information, to one-on-one discussions with verified doctors, to real time sharing of information with a large number of medical professionals across the world, the platform made it easy for doctors to find the information they needed, when they needed it, and wherever they needed it. Most importantly, it enabled doctors to find this information from sources they could trust and rely on.

The platform is built on Strapi Headless CMS which is highly customized as per the requirement, and the user experience is hand-crafted with the input from a panel of doctors. The website and PWA (Progressive Web App) had the following features:

1. Full featured forum for medical discussions, makes it easy to categorise and tag new discussions with correct medical terminologies, to make it easier for others to discover
2. User management including verification of doctors based on their medical certificates, to ensure only verified doctors can participate in discussions
3. Zoom integration for scheduling and launching video calls directly from the website or webapp
4. Live chat and community wall for one-on-one or group chats
5. Learning management module which allows doctors to quickly create courses and assessments on specific subjects