API’s play a very important role in how our application will run and documenting the API’s in a format that everyone in the organization can understand as what is happening in the application. We will discuss one of the most used API documenting specifications called OpenAPI specifications.
OpenAPI specification is a language agnostic format which is used to describe RESTful web services. The resulting files can be interpreted by applications to generate code, produce documentation and create virtual simulations of the services they describe.
Let’s understand the OpenAPI specification with a example API document that describes the API service that allow us to retrieve list of users.

Data preprocessing is one of the most important steps in Machine Learning. This step cannot be avoided especially if data is in unstructured form. In this post, I’ll discuss the different steps using Scikit-Learn and Pandas.

“I’m assuming that you have some basic knowledge of Numpy and Pandas. If you don’t know Numpy and Pandas then first learn these topics.”
Data analytics is the process of extraction of meaningful information from data, increasingly with the aid of specialized tools and techniques. Data analytics help organizations and scientists make more informed business decisions.
Python has been around since the late 1980’s but has only really started making its presence felt in the data science community recently.
Agile SDLC model could be a combination of unvarying and progressive method models with specialize in method ability and client satisfaction by fast delivery of operating wares. Agile strategies break the merchandise into tiny progressive builds. These builds square measure provided in iterations. Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a light-weight method framework for agile development, and also the most widely-used one. A “process framework” may be a explicit set of practices that has got to be followed so as for a method to be the framework. (For example, the commencement method framework needs the employment of development cycles referred to as Sprints, the XP framework needs combine programming, and then forth.) “Lightweight” implies that the overhead of the method is

What does fuzzy mean?
Fuzzy means some thing that is not clear, usually because of other unwanted noises. Typos while searching can be termed as fuzzy too. But wouldn’t it be great if the computer could correct you mistakes or perhaps present you result that you might have wanted to type in?
Yes, such technology exists, and we use it every day, for e.g. all search engines like Google, Bing etc.
With Elasticsearch, we can now include these features into our own application for better user experience. In Elasticsearch there is something called fuzzy search, which is the topic of the discussion.

Frameworks have been real life savers for developers irrespective of the programming language and it will be like that for the coming years also. PHP also has some of the amazing open-source frameworks that developer can use to make their life easy. We are going to look and compare four of the most popular frameworks that are used in recent times and find out which one should you be choosing.

It’s no secret that recent advancements in technology has propelled many industrial sectors into appropriating intelligent decision making and encouraging insights driven strategy development, thus making it far more profitable than it was when it had been averse to change. With recent universal stress on reduced environmental impact as well as fluctuating oil prices, it has become imperative, now more than ever, for the oil and gas sector to indulge itself heavily in creating avenues for utilization of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.