Blog Why is it great to have an early-stage startup as a customer in shaping their ideas into real-life products?

Written by Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee

Why is it great to have an early-stage startup as a customer in shaping their ideas into real-life products

For almost 10 years now, there’s been an upsurge in the number of ‘startups’ globally. And, it is ALWAYS an amazing experience when tech companies have an early-stage startup as their clients.

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We, TechVariable, have worked with several startups since our inception. And it is one great feeling to engage with different startup founders to help shape their business ideas into real-life products.


Working for a freshly-minted organization gives tech firms an experience that would be vastly different from a traditional organization. The good thing about joining hands with an early-stage startup founder is that tech companies will be a part of their early years to witness the startup’s growth, the turmoil and the victories (or defeats) first hand.


Here’s why it is a fun experience to work with early-stage startup founders and being a part of their journey:

1. Learning New Things

Working with an early-stage startup founder enables tech companies to learn many new things. Albeit the task assigned by them could be challenging enough, but this gives an opportunity to get introduced to and assimilate new tools and resources, new methods and technologies, and so on.


This, not only enhances the growth of the startup but also makes way for your company’s growth. It’s always a win-win situation for both sides.

2. Risk-taking Is Welcomed

Often tech firms don’t take many risks while running their businesses. However, having a startup as your client lets the company embrace calculated risks.


Taking risks tend to bring incredible outputs. It encourages innovation which can be a game-changer for both tech companies and startup clients.


Your company learns to accept the fact that some failure is necessary to seek innovation. Risk-taking helps mould future business tactics and eventually results in your business growth.

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3. Long-lasting Relationships

Over time, you build a rock-solid relationship with your clients. Your exceptional service acts as a bridge between your company and clients.


This strong connection helps your company to flourish because your clients would come to you for their next startup projects. This way you both share a long-lasting bond with each other.

4. Acquiring New Clients

For every business, the Customer is the King, and to make them happy is their sole purpose.


When startup founders are happy with your outcome and gain customers for their product, they are likely to spread the word about your services to other startups.


This way you have the opportunity to acquire new clients.

5.  Expansion of Knowledge & Creativity

You and your team have an opportunity to learn, grow and expand your knowledge and creativity.


You’ll welcome new ideas, get new various perspectives and open up to new things which you can later implement.

6. Unique Experience


Needless to say, the experience itself will be something unique as you will be part of something built from scratch. You and your newfound friends would discuss its growth, face common problems, and find out ways to cope with them, learn from the mistakes and finally cherish the victories together.


You will feel like a member of a community spearheading a movement with a purpose.

Published on 13/09/21



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