Frameworks have been real life savers for developers irrespective of the programming language and it will be like that for the coming years also. PHP also has some of the amazing open-source frameworks that developer can use to make their life easy. We are going to look and compare four of the most popular frameworks that are used in recent times and find out which one should you be choosing.

We will compare all the frameworks in terms of the following quality and see how they compare against each other.
a) Performance
b) Database Support
c) Extendibility
d) Ease of Learning and Development


Performance is a very crucial part of any application and all the four frameworks make sure that the performance is maintained properly. If we compare the performance metrics of all four then we can find that the Codeigniter to be the best in terms of the execution time and request handled per second with score of 1 ms and 2245 respectively. Symphony and CakePHP comes next with a score of 2.3 ms 551 and 2.4ms and 580. Laravel comes at the last with a score of 3.94 ms and 331.

Database Support

Database support and use is also very important for application as is provides the data for the application. In terms of database Laravel is the best as its has its own ORM and built in support for different SQL database like MySQL, PostgreSQL etc and also provide support for NOSQL database through third party library. CakePHP comes next as it also has its own ORM and support for SQL and NONSQL database but the number of database support is less than Laravel. Symphony comes at third place its does not provide built it support for any database but provides strong integration of a third party ORM through which we can use different database. Codeigniter is the lease favorable framework when it comes to database as it only provide support for only MySQL and PostgreSQL and lack of dependency manager it prevent us from using third party library.


Extendibility adds extra functionality to the framework by allowing us to add different packages in our application. Laravel wins in terms of the Extendibility as the number of packages for Laravel is far more than the others plus it also has a dedicated library site called Packalyst. CakePHP and Symphony comes only in terms of numbers of packages available. Codeigniter is very poor in terms of Extendibility as it does not have support for any third party packages.

Ease of Learning and Development

Framework is most useful when it is easy to learn and implement. Codeigniter is the best when it comes to lean and implementation as it use pretty simple implementation and learning curve is also less. Laravel comes next with its in depth documentation and small learning curve and fairly simple implementation. Bothe Symphony and CakePHP are fairly had to learn as its implementation is pretty complex as it takes time getting use to it.


In the battle of the frameworks it is been seen that the each framework is best in some aspect or other. So it’s entirely up to the you to choose a framework as what aspect we want to focus on and work accordingly for that.

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