Laravel is the most popular and widely used framework in PHP application development. It has gained immense popularity in a short period of time and proven its worth in Website Development, e-commerce Development and Web Development by emerging as the go to framework among developers. But is Laravel capable of proving its worth in the Enterprise Application Domain? Well, the answer would be definitely yes. Here are some of the reasons why Laravel can defiantly be used in Enterprise Applications.

Support for Rapid Development

Laravel id based on the famous Model-View-Controller architecture and MVC architecture always increases the speed of the development process.

Eloquent Object Relation Mapper

Eloquent Object Relation Mapper is an Active record implementation, which means the developer can deal with the database by using PHP rather than using lengthy SQL syntax.

Modular Approach

Laravel has adopted the modular approach of software development process. What happens in modular approach is that you get readymade libraries to work with, which makes the job of developers very easy.

Migration for Database

Laravel migration assists you to extend the structure of the database without the need to re-create it every time a change is made. It helps to secure the development data from any loss.

Multiple File System Support

Laravel offers great support for multiple file system by using third party package file system to provide support for multiple files. Laravel provides options to use local or cloud-based storage to provide simple configuration.

Support for Unit Testing

Testing is a very important aspect of application development and Laravel comes with the feature called Unit Testing that allows us to test our application.
Considering these powerful features that Laravel offers, it is quite clear that we can definitely use Laravel in Enterprise Application Development.

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