Hi! This is Sonali and I’m the Marketing and Recruitment Executive at TechVariable for more than a year now.

Well, that’s me in a random ‘Too-close’ portrait, clicked at the EOD.

Due to the unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19, TechVariable transitioned into a 100% remote workforce for 7 whole months and it was great seeing our team adapting to the ‘New Normal’. Leadership from the co-founding team became the key driver which made it possible for all of us to connect seamlessly and to derive maximal results straight from our remote desk setups. As a team that prides itself on our in-office, face-to-face culture, I was astonished by how everyone could make a rapid transition to the home offices and video calls generation.

To our greatest surprise, these 7 months of Work From Home paradigm turned out to be more productive and even during these times of despair, our company was able to retain its client base and in fact signed up a handful of new clients as well. While every other company was cutting down its workforce and resorting to paying cuts and freezing appraisals and bonuses we were lucky enough not having to go through these. Keeping on track with the hiring plan for 2020, we hired 15 new employees. This required a new office!

During these months, expansion and designing the new head-office was completed. Every wall and corner are being beautifully decorated to which we employees were in awe at the first sight. These workspaces are designed to help each one of us work more conveniently and efficiently.

You can consider this blog as a humble ode to the special corners of our office which boost our productivity. I can only wistfully share a few pictures of my favorite corners of this entirety to give you a special tour of the special spots in the office to resort for driving extraordinary work experience.

1. The KT couch

This is one of my most utilised corners of the entire office for one-on-ones between my managers and other team members, also a pick for affinity group events, and by my team members looking for a change of scenery from their normal desk. I generally record my videos in these spots with the available technology studio background. Even the team has enlightened these cool spots with professional lighting for the finest quality of videos.

2. Breezy cafeteria

This location is my ‘Thinking Zone’ and I generally utilise this corner for the EOD discussions and completing my tasks over a warm coffee. Also, our developers from the team prefer this corner as their ‘Power-Coding Zone’. This zone helps us air our stress along with a bonus of the ecstatic view of the nearby hills. Moreover, since our cafeteria is adjacent to this corner, it helps us grab our favorite snacks when we starve while working late.

3. The Weekend’s Hangout Corner

Well, don’t go with the name, though this corner is generally utilised by the team for all the chit-chats and non-sensitive conversations. But, as a marketer, I find this corner very relaxing for video creation and also for attending the video-calls. Our clients generally face the dilemma of whether I am attending their calls in a nearby cafeteria or at home. Having said that, our office shocks them as it afflicts the idea of mundane office surroundings. As a matter of fact, this is actually a bar! I shall share the photos from the weekend some other time.

4. Wobble & Work Swings

These two swings are my absolute favorite escape from the dreary days of hours of tedious work during new email and social media campaigns. I and my co-workers generally like to share and brainstorm new out-of-box ideas for Marketing campaigns. To be honest, these off-the-cuff conversations turn out to be the most productive sessions.

5. My dedicated and precious workspace

While I keep hopping on to various nooks and corners of my office but there’s none like my own spot, ‘MY Work-Station’. The vibrant colours keep me determined and focused to complete my daily to-do list during the office hours. Also, I have added more greens and flowers to my corner and since my workstation is in proximity to zephyr from the big glass panes. It’s always refreshing to work at my desk with the flow of fresh breeze.

Thank you all for reading my story. I would love to hear your stories as well! Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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