Do you know how the web works? Why can you see Facebook and Check out your mail every time you open Chrome, Firefox or any other Browser? If you could just see random stuff on the internet, anything and everything on your browser, what’s there to say that a hacker won’t take control of your computer via some goofy and shady web page?

That does not happen because every time you open a website, the browser checks whether it can be trusted or not. But you do not see that every time, do you? As a matter of fact, most of us never do because it’s in the default setting of the browser to control all that stuff and let us enjoy the good bits.

But have you wondered about it? Doesn’t it then take away some of the freedom and security from you? In the recent times, many such issues have been detected where the browser company had dealt with the owner of web contents to display the web site as trusted. That just discredits the whole Certificate Authority (the one responsible for determining if you or your browser can trust the web page).

In the light all that new concept has been thought of. What if the Blockchain tech used for Bitcoins can also be utilized as a method for web encryption and thereby determining the quality of a website?

In a Blockchain, every user maintains an open ledger of sorts. So every time a new web page is discovered, the ledger can be updated based on the result released by others in the network. That would certainly eliminate the case of trusting a third party like your browser to remain safe and give control back to you.

To that end, “Rebooting Web of Trust” initiative is trying very hard to realize and implement the concept of using Blockchains for web encryption and give the user, us, better understanding and control over what we see on the net.

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