6 important parameters to gather insights on for effective measurement of social media presence!
Is your business or brand scratching heads because of the following?
1) You are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and plenty of other social media sites out there but do not get enough Traffic or potential leads from your social media page?
2) You are confused as to what are the things you should be doing to engage more and more traffic for your brand or product?
This might happen when you have not been tracking down the right Social Media Metric.

Some readers might think, what exactly is Social Media Metrics?
Social Media Metric is the application of data to measure the impact of social media activity on a company’s revenue. Lots of companies put up their Brand or Product over Social Media Platform to engage more people. An aggregation and Analytics Platform like ours can be leveraged to measure the activity and responses of people from various locations and background regarding the brand, product or any kind of Company related information.

Social media performance is dependent on how you have been understanding the effectiveness of activities and campaigns undertaken by you on the social platforms till date. If you’re not tracking the right metrics, you might end up with irrelevant insights and conclusions. Some main social media metrics one should be tracking are:

     1.Amount of Traffic/Number of Followers:
You should keep a constant watch on the followers/visitors of your Page. The increasing, or for that matter decreasing, number of traffic on daily/weekly/monthly basis gives you an idea if it’s growing at a slower pace than anticipated and devise ways to increase the number. Attracting attention towards your page will directly lead to increase in chance of outreaching the brand to a greater number of people, ensuring that your growth rate keeps on increasing.

     2.Growth of your competitors:
You should keep track of the competitors’ growth. Your competitor might be growing faster or slower than you. It is only obvious that you would want your competitor to grow slower than you. If they are growing faster, that means they are doing something which you are not. A tool like the one which we have built, can help you to keep track of the growth of competitors in contrast to yours.

Firstly, thing is to track how many people are liking, commenting, re-tweeting, sharing your post. When you can engage more and more people to go through the Services/Products offered by you, viral posts are likely to occur, thus cultivating loyal followers to make your stuff to get the expected amount of attention. Quick response to queries and comments is another absolute must.

     4.Volume of content you are pushing:
One needs to see how much content is being pushed for selected keywords or your products/services on various social media platforms, as compared to other brands, who can either be competitors or in complementary businesses. If you’re not pushing enough content through posts, pieces, status updates, blogs, White Paper, Case studies etc., you might suffer from existential crisis. Creation of a thriving community largely depends on how frequently your followers are being kept engaged.

     5.Social media Influence:
Social media Influence can be measured in a lot of different ways. It is mostly about people talking about different brands or products and the kind of buzz they can generate. Here, the traffic size doesn’t really matter. Relying on the past activity, you can make assumption of how impactful someone can be for your brand, clearly sorting out target group per influencer. Our analytics tool can be optimized to give you a picture on an individual’s social ability to influence.

Reach calculates the spread of a social media post or update. It can make you understand the context of your content better. Basically, it’s a measure of dissemination of the content among the audiences, besides being an absolute means of estimating capable audience size. When the content is disseminated among the good number of people it is great, but a metric is the only thing that can only help us in estimation of future campaigns.

Posting multiple posts on all your social platforms, tracking your Competitors, posting as much as is required, responding and engaging with more people is the sole way to create a thriving social media community. Tracking the above Social Media Metrics will provide effective and long-term results. Getting social media metrics isn’t guarantee immediate and easy success but if you consistently track the metrics will improve your social media presence. Having a great social media metric tracking tool may not guarantee an immediate result, but if adopted as a primary marketing policy can do wonders for your social media presence.