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Service Offerings

Dedicated Development Center

Our software dedicated development center aims at the provision of the utmost level of excellence to enhance your business performance significantly. Our dedicated software center being engaged exclusively on the project, makes sure that you are getting a high-end software development technology resource at an affordable rate.

IT Operations

We provide high-end and resourceful IT operations for both corporate and business requirements. Whether it is an app for the employees of an organization or an eCommerce app, we fully commit to your project with our high capacity and high performance tech team. Our talented tech team thrives in the development of the IT infrastructures of any business.

Enterprise Application Development

We provide exclusive enterprise application development for building up a brand new software product or enhancing the work experience of the previously built software product. For re-engineering the enterprise system, a new area of functionality might be required to be introduced in the processing and tool level.

MVP Development

MVP stands for minimum viable product. Minimum viable product is the preliminary level product which only has sufficient features to enter into the market. While development of the MVP, we strive to make sure that the product has sufficient features to satisfy the initial customers. In addition, it may also contain a feedback management system for further development of the product.

As gathering insight from the MVP is less costly, people are slowly leaning towards them. Analyzing all of the perspectives, we also recommend development of an MVP for initial management of a small scale business. Development of a traditional product and using it for a small scale use in a business might not suit the budget of most of the business owners. In such situations, an MVP can act as a blessing in disguise. Although it is small and developed for small scale features, we design the feedback system in such a way that the business owners receive an insight into the facts and figures of his or her business.

Center of Excellence


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Cloud- AWS platform experts

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Data Science

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Serverless applications powered by AWS lambda

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Healthcare Information Technology

At TechVariable, we strive to work with clients in various stages of design, development and integration, keeping in mind the country-wise compliances and infrastructural limitations. In partnership and collaboration with various domain experts, we are trying to set up development projects and teams, with the primary objective of converting an idea to the MVP stage or elevating the scope of a medical device (hardware) to something conducive for use by the end-users.

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